Our “major” tournaments are the events that allow the best players to advance on to NCGA competition. For those who qualify for these events in our club tournaments, the club will pay the tournament entry fee for the NCGA event (but not further rounds if the player advances on). Because of this, we set down qualifications on who is eligible for these events.


The tournament eligibility requirements refers to the following events: NCGA Zone Championship, 4-Ball Championship, Senior 4-Ball Championship and the Net Amateur Championship events. The board has voted to implement a "minimum tournament played" policy to help insure that individuals that are supporting the club throughout the year are winning the right to play at these NCGA events.


Anyone who wants to qualify will need to have played in at least three (3) NON-qualifying Callippe tournaments in the past 12 months to be eligible to represent the Club in an NCGA event. This can include any home or away tournaments played within one calendar year of the qualifier. Past NCGA qualifying tournaments WILL NOT COUNT toward your three (3) tournaments.


Note that anyone can still play in these qualifying events and still qualify for prizes on that day, but to advance on to the NCGA qualifiers you must meet the eligibility stated above.