Callippe Guest Policy

Callippe members can now bring guests to some tournaments. All club policies will apply.

         A non-member may play twice as a guest in any calendar year.

         Guest will be charged normal tournament rate depending on where they live and if they have a preserve membership. i.e. resident, non-resident

         Guest is not eligible for prize funds except for KPís (Or skins if they participate)

o   Exception: They can join any time that day to be eligible for that tournamentís prize money. (Callippe watch list rules will apply to this score.)

o   Guests must have a verifiable USGA index to be eligible to win prize money if they join or participate in net skins. If guest does not have a verifiable index, then guest plays the round as a non-scoring participant only.

         If it is a two-person team event, and team wins with a guest that does not join, Callippe member will receive only 70% of winning money and Callippe cup points.


Example: Member with guest wins first place worth $70 each and 100 Callippe cup points.

If guest joins, then Member and guest both receive $70 in the pro-shop as well as 100 Callippe Cup points. If the guest does not join, member receives $49 and 70 Callippe Cup points.


         If a tournament is a member-only event, guest will not be allowed to participate.