Local Handicaps

It is the goal of the Handicap Committee that all handicaps accurately reflect the playing abilities of our members. To meet this goal, we need the help of all members. If there are any questions about handicaps, posting, etc., please contact the Handicap Director through this website.

Callippe Golf Club Local Handicap Index Policy

The USGA has done studies on the odds of a golfer shooting a score better than their handicap and has published tables for these occurrences. Callippe Golf Club will track exceptional scores shot in Callippe Golf Club tournaments. These include home and away tournaments sponsored by the Callippe Club as well as summer long match play scores.

An exceptional score is defined as any score where the odds of shooting this score are equal to or greater than 24:1. Calculations are rounded to the nearest whole number.

USGA Score Frequency and Probability Table

USGA Odds Table

Best efforts will be used to review Callippe tournament scores after each tournament, and prior to the next club tournament. If a member has two or more exceptional tournament scores within the prior rolling six month period, a “local index” will be calculated for that member. This local index will be the average differential of the two lowest exceptional scores. Differentials are calculated using the USGA formula (Gross Score – Course Tee Rating * 113 / Slope). If this computed local index is at least 1.0 lower than the member’s published NCGA index, this Local Index will be used to determine that member’s handicap for all Callippe Golf Club tournaments, including summer long match play. This is done so that handicaps used in Callippe Golf Club tournaments “appropriately reflect a member’s potential ability” (USGA wording).

The local index will be dropped in either of the following conditions:

  • The member no longer has two or more exceptional tournament scores in the six-month period immediately prior to the current handicap period.
  • The member’s NCGA index drops to less than 1.0 greater than the local index.

Please Note: The Handicap Committee reserves the right to adjust a member’s handicap index, above and beyond the Local Handicap Index Policy outlined above. This will occur only when deemed necessary to preserve the integrity and fairness of club tournaments.

Posting Scores

The posting requirements for ­all club members are as follows:

Club Tournaments, Summer long match play, and 12 Man Team Tournaments: Do NOT post your score for these tournament rounds, we will post for you.
Non-Tournament Rounds: Every time 7 or more holes of golf are played a score must be posted.

7 – 12 holes played you must post a score for the appropriate 9 holes (front or back). Record PAR plus handicap allowance for un-played holes if less than 9 holes completed.

13 – 18 holes played you must post a score for 18 holes. Record PAR plus handicap allowance for un-played holes if less than 18 holes completed.

Maximum Score Per Hole: The maximum score for each hole played is limited to a net double bogey – which is equal to Par of the hole + 2 strokes (double bogey) + any handicap strokes the player is entitled to receive on that hole based on their Course Handicap.
For example, a player with a Course Handicap of 12 is entitled to one additional stroke on holes allocated with stroke index 1 through 12 on the scorecard. On a par 4 hole, with a Stroke Index of 10, the player’s maximum score would be 4 (par) + 2 (double bogey) + 1 (stroke received) = 7.

Posting Errors: The following is a list of the most common mistakes in posting scores. Please take a look at the list, remember these items, and carefully review your scorecard before posting your score.

            ESC – Not adjusting per Equitable Stroke Control
            PE – Posting Errors (posting a score different than scorecard)
            ME – Math Errors (score posted matched card, but card has math errors)

Tournament “T” Scores: The NCGA has asked clubs to refrain from posting regular monthly events as tournament “T” scores. Their reasoning is that too many tournament scores dilute their value. The NCGA has asked that we only post “significant” events as tournament scores. The following is a list of Tournaments of “significance” from our schedule we will post as a tournament score.

NCGA 2-Man Team Best Ball
NCGA 4-Man Zone
NCGA 2-Man Team Best Ball – Senior
NCGA Net Amateur – Ind Low Net
Club Championship
Callippe Cup Championship
All Summer Match Play Tournament scores