Callippe Golf Club tournament play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf and its Decisions and, where applicable, the following Local Rules and Conditions, along with additional Local Rules as may be supplied. Complete text of Rules and Appendix I may be found in the current edition of the Rules of Golf. Unless otherwise specified, the penalty for breach of a Local Rule or Condition is two strokes in stroke play and loss of hole in match play.


1.  Relief for Embedded Ball

Through the green, a ball that is embedded in its own pitch-mark in the ground may be lifted, without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay but not nearer the hole.

(This rule has been added to extend the relief to the rough)


2.  Water Hazards: Ball Played Provisionally Under Rule 26-1

If there is doubt whether a ball is in or is lost in the water hazard (specify location), the player may play another ball provisionally under any of the applicable options in Rule 26-1.

If the original ball is found outside the water hazard, the player must continue play with it.

If the original ball is found in the water hazard, the player may either play the original ball as it lies or continue with the ball played provisionally under Rule 26-1.

If the original ball is not found or identified within the five-minute search period, the player must continue with the ball played provisionally.

(You can now play a provisional ball if you think your ball might be in a hazard)


3.  Environmentally-Sensitive Area (ESA) - Interference with Stance or Area of Intended Swing

Interference by an ESA occurs when the ESA interferes with the player’s stance or the area of his intended swing. If interference exists, the player must take relief as follows:

Through the Green: If the ball lies through the green, the point on the course nearest to where the ball lies must be determined that (a) is not nearer the hole, (b) avoids interference by the ESA and (c) is not in a hazard or on a putting green. The player must lift the ball and drop it, without penalty, within one club length of the point so determined on a part of the course that fulfills (a), (b) and (c) above.

(If your ball is not in ESA but your stance would be you get relief, no penalty)


4.  Drop Zones

We will not use the drop zones at any time in our tournaments.


5.  Accidental ball movement

Any accidental movement of the ball or ball marker on the putting green will require the player to replace it, but without a penalty shot.