Membership 2020

The Callippe Golf Club is now accepting membership applications for 2020. New and returning members can apply online or via mail. Please see our membership page for details.

2019 Rules of Golf

The 2019 Rules of Golf are now in effect. Following are resources to help you familiarize yourself with these significant changes. Note the new video explaining the local Stroke and Distance Rule that has been adopted by the course and for our tournaments (#5).

1. R&A’s list of the Top 20 Important 2019 Rule Changes

2. Video on the New Golf Rules 2019

3. Comprehensive Explanation for each major rule change

Includes description of each rule previously in effect, the new rule, and the reasons for the change.

4. USGA’s Rules Education Resources – Videos, FAQs, workshops, mobile app, etc.

5. Video on the Local Stroke and Distance Rule – Application of new out-of-bounds or lost ball rule at Callippe

The diagram at the end is a great reference for defining the relief area.


Callippe Golf Club is based at the course rated “Most Worth The Green Fee” in the East Bay Area for 2008 – Callippe Preserve in Pleasanton, CA. Callippe was also rated in Golfweek as one of the Top 50 Municipal courses in the country. The Callippe Golf Club is open to men, women, and juniors of all skill levels. Membership includes a USGA handicap index, NCGA membership and discounts on clothing and other merchandise in the Callippe pro shop.




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